Signs Your Wedding Photographer is Inexperienced 

Signs Your Wedding Photographer is Inexperienced 


Your wedding photos are the one aspect of your wedding that will last forever- your children and maybe even your grandchildren will see them. That’s why it is importent that you don’t skimp on the price of your photographer. You may think that hiring a friend or family member will save you money, but in the end, it’ll cost you. So how do you know if you’re getting the best of the best or a rookie who hasn’t mastered the craft? Here are a few signs to look out for when it comes to picking your wedding photographer.

1.  Instagram-style filtering on photos in their portfolio
Everyone thinks they are a professional if they have an iPhone and an Instagram account. If your photographer’s portfolio consists of over-editing and filtering then this is a dead giveaway that they are playing the role of photographer but simply don’t have the skill set — or the equipment — to capture shots in the same way a professional photographer can.

2. They’re Looking At The Back Of Their Camera Most of The Day 
In the industry this is called “chimping”. A real pro occasionally checks their exposures and that the images are coming out correctly, but most photographers are looking at the image that they took of you on the screen, NOT checking the settings to see if things are being shot correctly. Your photographer should be focusing on YOU so they don’t miss a thing.

3. They “specialize” in natural light
If there is no good light, the pictures will be horrible, but if your photographer keeps saying “the lighting is better over here”, that simply means that they can’t manipulate the light; they don’t know how to set the shots up. This will take A LOT longer to shoot your photos and they won’t turn out like you wanted.

Remember these three things before you pick your wedding photographer and you should have no problems!

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