5 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

5 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers



Everyone’s got a budget and you and your fiancé may not realize how much flowers can cost. So how can you keep your wedding flower budget under control without looking cheap? Check out our tips that only the experts know when it comes to wedding flowers!

1. Repurpose Your Flowers

Talk to your florist about how you can reuse your ceremony flowers so they don’t go to waste. Aisle arrangements can be reused for the cake table, gift table- even your bridal suite!

2. Stick to Two Kinds of Flowers

If your florist is only sourcing two types of stems, then they can buy in bulk, saving you big bucks. Consider sticking to flowers in a similar color scheme or shape for a more cohesive look. It may also reduce your labor fees with fewer varieties of florals.

3. Vases and candlelight are less expensiveas centerpieces than floral arrangements .

Think about it- every table will need a centerpiece. The more guests you have, the more tables. If you plan on putting a floral arrangement on EACH table, your flower budget will increase. Rather than flowers, use candles as an alternative. Tea lights won’t last long enough and if you plan on using a lot of REAL candles, you’ll need a fire permit. Just be sure to use nothing smaller than a 10-hour votive candle so you don’t have to replace them.

4. Corsages for the moms and other VIP women can seem outdated and tend to cost a lot

Choose two or three flowers from your own bouquet and tie them with a thin ribbon that matches the bridal bouquet. It’ll look pretty in pictures, and acknowledges the importance of the women in your life.

5. Order bunches of roses to de-petal for your aisle, flower girls, and other décor, rather than ordering bags of petals

The petals will stay fresher longer if you strip them off the flowers the day before the wedding, and you’ll get a LOT more petals out of 25 or so flowers that come in a bunch rather than buying bags of petals.

Your wedding florist should be able to create stunning florals WITHOUT breaking your budget! Just ask them for their advice.

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